November New 2023

This month's news
Being Aware of Scams
Scams are taking your Identity and your Money


Impersonation Scams

What is an Impersonation Scam?

  • Scammers pretend to be trusted businesses, friends or family to steal your money or your personal information
  • They can reach you on all mediums such as text message, websites, social media, email and phone calls
  • Scammers often pretend to be government officials, well-known companies, charities, celebrities, law enforcement or even family and friends

Methods of Impersonation

Impersonation scams are becoming increasingly sophisticated and therefore hared to identify

  • Scammers can use technology to make their calls appear to come from a legitimate phone number
  • Their texts can appear int he sam conversation thread as genuine messages from an organisation
  • Websites for legitimate organisations can be cloned to look like the real thing
  • Emails can be sent with fake sender addresses to appear to come from trusted sources
  • Social media profiles can be established using another person or organisation's details and images
  • Documents can be forged to make you think you're dealing with a real person or business
  • Impersation scammers may know or claim to know some information about you and use this to convice you they are legitimate

The National Anti-Scam Centre Works with government, industry, other regulators, law enforcement bodies and community orgnanisations, to make it more difficult to scam.

The Little Black Book of Scams is a handy too, published by the Centre

The best way to protect yourself is through awareness and education.

The Little Black of Scams is recoginsed internationally as an important tool for consumers and small businesses to learn about scams including

  • Most common scams to watch out for
  • Different ways scammers can contact you
  • Tools scammers use to trick you and the warning sings
  • How to protect yourself
  • Where you can find help

For your complimentary Little Black Book of Scams,visit Another Computer Store

When you are uncertain about any requests needing you to call the phone number, subscribe, confirm your delivery address, register or pay - please contact us before going ahead.

Never give remote access to your Computer unless it is from the Another Computer Store Team or you have made the first contact. When you have made the contact with the supplier and the transaction has been resolved, be prepared you will receive scam calls saying they are from the same organisation.

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October News 2023

Email Changes / Gaming / Wireless Solutions
Email Changes
TPG, iiNet & Internode - Action required by Thursday 30th November
Bigpond (Tesltra) to advise of end date
There are changes to certain Email Providers. To make sure you have continued access to your emails, history, contacts and calendar, action is required.
TPG, iiNet & Internode
You can opt-in to transfer your ISP email address to the "The Messaging Company".  This company will become your new email provider.  If you miss the date your email will no longer be available.  Keep a look out for an email requesting you to Opt In and follow the link or visit your ISPs webiste.
Bigpond (Telstra)
There are plans for Tesltra to remove the Bigpond Email Service.
The date is to be confirmed.
We recommend you explore an alternative provider.
For Business, a hosted provider is the ideal option.
All email customers - Please do a check of services which have your current email address including 2FA codes linked to your accounts.
Your email address will need to be updated to continue receiving 2FA codes as you could be locked out of your accounts.
Some examples of services include;  Government (My Gov), Aurora Energy, Account Packages, Microsoft, Netflix and eBay.
Another Computer Store is available to assist with your queries and a solution.
Gaming with XboxSeries X or PC

Would you like to up your gaming experience?  Xbox or a PC are a great device to play your favourite games, along with the newly released Starfield.  Faster Load Times, Quick Resume Time and True 4K Gaming.

XBOX Series X

  • CPU 8X Cores 3.8GHz Zen2
  • 16GB GDDR6 Memory
  • 1TB Custom NVME SSD
  • 12 TFLOPS, 52 CUs @1.825 GHz Custom RDNA 2 GPU Graphics
  • Dolby Digital 5.1 Sound


  •  CPU i5 13600KF 3.9GHz
  • 32GB DDR Memory
  • 1TB NVMe SSD
  • PNY nVidia GeForce RTX 4070 12GB Graphics

PC Internal Clean

Make sure your current Gaming Rig, Desktop or Notebook is in good health with an internal clean and dust removal. This ensures the airflow is working to maintain your computer's temperature.

Wireless Solutions for Home and Business

UniFi is a powerful and intuitive system enabling an end-to-end experience for all of your IT needs.  When paired with specially designed hardware, you will have control over you Network, WiFi, Security Cameras, VoIP Phones, Door Access, Smart Lighting, Digital Signage and much more.

UniFi Network - Receive insights into you network with real-time traffic dashboards, visual topology maps and smart tips on how you can optimise your network.
UniFi Protect - An AI-driven camera platform with smart detection giving you easy control over recording schedules, camera access and notifications.
UniFi Talk - A plug and play phone system and VoIP subscription service with powerful call routing and admin features to ensure your never miss a call.
UniFi Connect - A simple management system to support your digital signage, lighting, electric vehicle charging stations and your Point of Sale.

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September News 2023

IT Business Support / Teams /  Microsoft 365
Small Business IT Support
Would you like more time to focus on the things you do best?
Are you using your valuable time in supporting and fixing your IT instead of looking after your customers?


Small Business & Home Office IT support is our Speciality
  • Supply and Install of Computers, Printers, Software and VoIP
  • Managed Antivirus, domain Hosting and Microsoft 365
  • Fully Managed Backups & Managed Antivirus
  • Onsite Setups and Ongoing IT remote support


Stay connected when working from any location, in the office, on the go or at home with voice and video calls with Teams.

You can now use Teams to make and receive calls to and from Lan Lines and mobile phones with Teams Phone.  Use a headset connected to your computer of the Teams app on your mobile phone or the traditional handset such as Yealink.

More functionality with;

  • IVR
  • Voicemail
  • Call Forwarding
  • Call Transfer
  • Conference Calls
  • Call Queues
  • Music on Hold

Microsoft 365

Let us set up your Subscription or Renewal

The Suite Provides;

  • Outlook  Email and Calendar in once place, send, receive and manage your email.  Use Outlook's built-in calendar to keep track of appointments and events  
  • OneDrive  Access and protect your files, share and collaborate from any device at anytime
  • Word  Write like a pro with spelling, grammar and punctuation checks at your finger tips
  • Excel  Save time with enhanced tools for experts and beginners.  Organise your data, create spreadsheets from templates using modern formulas and choose from numerous charts for your presentations
  • Onenote  The place to make your notes, jot down ideas and create.  Stay organised when you divide your notes into sections, pages and easily share with your team
  • Powerpoint  Create slide presentations with ease.  Insert 3D objects and embedded animations directly into Powerpoint from your own files or a library of available content
  • Editor  Write clearly and concisely across social media, email and documents.  Use Editor in Word, Outlook, Gmail, Linkedin, Google docs and many other applications
  • Teams  Stay connected with your Team through file sharing, instant chat and collaboration

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August News 2023

Windows 10 Ending / PC Health Check / Managed Services

Windows 10 will no longer be supported from 14th October 2025.

Time to check if your device is windows 11 ready or move into a new device.  Free consultation to work out what your next steps are.

Free Consultation to work out what your next steps are.

Minimum specifications are:  Intel CPU 8th Gen or AMD Zen 2, 4GB Memory, 64GB of Storage

Windows 11 offers great Benefits

  • Maximise your productivity with access to all your apps and multi task with tools such as Snap layouts
  • Discover new ways to connect with Microsoft Teams, - call and chat for free
  • Content created by you - quickly stay up to date with news, information and entertainment
  • Playtime Anytime wit a new level of graphic capabilities
Time for a Computer Health Check

When was the last time your Computer had a service?

Like many modern machines, computers need regular checks and maintenance, to keep them running in top condition and ensure your data is safe. It is recommended to have a PC health check every 6 months.  Our health checks include

  • Check of the Windows / iOS Operating System
  • Testing of Memory, Hard Drive and Power
  • Virus and Spyware Scans
  • Ensure Antivirus is Current
  • Check Programs and Backups are up to date
  • Internal Clean

If you notice your computer is slowing down, crashing, not responding, freezing or making unusual noises or sounds, please contact us to arrange a health check to minimise potential damage and loss of information.

Managed Services

Are you operating a Business?

We provide Managed IT Services such as;

  • Helpdesk - a friendly IT helpdesk at your service
  • Security - Defence Software Management
  • Backup - Seucrity
  • Domain Hosting
  • Vendor Management
  • Onsite and Offsite Solutions
  • Secure Password Managment
  • Monitoring of your IT and Cloud Infrastructure
  • IT Planning - Regular IT catch ups on budgets/planning


July News 2023

Data Recovery / HP 13th Gen / ACCC National Scam Centre

  • Computer isn't recognising a USB, External Hard Drive or SSD Card
  • You may need a data recovery

Failures can be caused by:

  • Power Surges & Power Failures
  • Accidental Drops of the Computer and Storage Devices
  • Liquid Spills
  • Corruption, Bugs, File Damage
  • Accidental Deletion of Files
  • System Re-Installs

What to do:

  • Turn Off the Device
  • Remove your External Hard Drive, USB Thumb Drive or SD card

When your storage device is failing - stop using
More damage can occur each time you try to access the data.

Visit Us and we will attempt to retrieve your data with special tools

 Great time to Celebrate the New Financial year with HP notebooks, 13th Gen CPUs

HP notebooks with intel 13th Gen CPU gives outstanding performance.

With more power you can complete those demanding workloads, giving you more time to create.

Did you know there is a National Anti-Scam Centre?

The National Anti-Scam Centre launched on 1 July 2023 and will build its information sharing capabilities over the next 3 years.The centre brings together experts from government and the private sector to tackle harmful scams.
Together, we’re making it harder for scammers to take money and information from Australians.

To report a scam please visit Scam Watch



June News 2023

Celebrate End of Financial Year

Take advantage of the instant tax write off with our one stop shop, from supply of Computers, Monitors, Printers, Microsoft, Antivirus to Backup Solutions for your business and home needs.

Apple - Think Differently

With the most powerful tools for business, you can solve any problem more creatively, complete tasks more simply and collaborate with your team like never before.  It's work, only better.

Easy, intuitive with built-in features and apps, iPad and Mac help you work seamlessly between projects and places without missing a beat.

PC Sales, Upgrades & Repairs

Fully Equipped Workshop with Experienced Technicians

  • Solid State Hard Drive Upgrades
  • Dust Clean Out
  • Mother Board and Graphics Card Installs
  • Screen Repairs
  • Boot and Windows Fixes
  • Assembly of Gaming Builds

Did you know Another Computer Store has been running off solar for over 2 years?

As a Tasmanian owned and operated business, it gives us great pleasure to contribute to looking after Tassie's environment.  Thank you to CNW for the supply and Tasmanian Electrical Services for the install.


May News 2023

Microsoft Office
End of Support for Office 2007, 2010, 2013 & 2106 for Mac
It is time to move to Microsoft 365.  This will ensure you have security updates, online help and access to great tools.  Keep your outlook emails and documents running.  The team can check your version of office to assist you in your upgrade.
 World Password Day Thursday 4th May
Time to Change Your Passwords 
Using and reusing simple passwords makes our life easier and also makes it easier for hackers to login into your accounts.  When your accounts have been compromised, Attackers often sell the details on the Dark Web.
Keep Attackers out of your Accounts with Hard to Remember Passwords
Make sure your Passwords are Strong
  • At Least 12 Characters Long
  • A Combination of Uppercase and Lowercase Letters, Numbers and Symbols
  • Create New Passwords which are Completely Different from Previous Passwords
  • Change Passwords Immediately if you Suspect you may have been Compromised
  • Set up Two Factor Authentication (2FA) - a code is generated after you have accessed your accounts with your user ID and Password which only goes to you
PC Running Slow
Do you have time to boil the kettle while waiting for your computer to turn on?
A diagnosis to determine why your device is running slow will identify the issue and the solution.
Fixes may include;
  • Upgrade from a Mechanical Hard Drive to a Solid State Hard Drive - this will extend the life of your computer.  Expected time for your PC to turn on is 7-8 seconds
  • Virus Removal
  • Upgrade to Greater Storage Capacity
  • Removal of Unnecessary Programs
  • Internal Clean
  • Software Driver Installs
  • Windows Installs
No appointment required to have your PC checked.


March News 2023

Changes to Google Chrome

Time to upgrade your device - Google Chrome no longer provides security and technical support to users of google chrome on Devices running windows 7, 8 and 8.1.  This means you will need to upgrade to Windows 10 or 11.  This will ensure you receive the latest security updates for the Chrome Browser.  Visit Another Computer Store to have your PC checked.

World Backup Day Friday 31st March

Take the pledge and complete a backup of your important files. 

"I solemnly sweat to backup my important documents and precious memories on March 31st."

At work and home, keep you photos, videos, documents and emails in a safe place.  Protect your data from accidents and theft.  Backups for your computer and phone are vital to ensure you are protected.

  • Cloud Backup such as One Drive, Drop Box or iCloud
  • External Hard Drive Backup
  • Nas Backup
  • USB Thumb Drive Backup
  • Mac Time Machine Backup
For more information on how to create a Backup - contact us.


February News 2023

Back to Business

February sees the business world return to work in full swing.  When you need an office setup or upgrade, then contact us for expert advice.

  • Supply of Computers, Printers, Monitors
  • Internet Setup and Supply of Routers
  • Onsite Delivery and Installation
  • Software Installs such as Microsoft and Antivirus
  • Current Computer Upgrades
  • Data Transfer from Old to New
  • Full Data Backups
  • IT Managed Services
Highlight for this Month is Safer Internet Day Tuesday 7th February
Safer Internet Day is a global event that brings together communities, families, schools and organisations, from more than 200 countries to help create safer online spaces.
This worldwide initiative is celebrating 20 years in 2023, making it a great time to reflect as well as look forward.
Technology has evolved dramatically in the past two decades and the benefits have been huge.
These developments have also exposed us to many risks with real-world impacts, making online safety awareness even more important. 
That's why eSafety Commissioner is calling on everyone to
Connect. Reflect. Protect.
Connect safely and with purpose - by keeping apps and devices secure and using social media in positive ways.
Reflect before we act - by taking a moment to consider the effect on others of what we do and say online.
Protect ourselves and others by taking action - by telling family, friends or colleagues about eSafety and how they can help.
By doing these simple things, we can work towards making every day a Safer Internet Day.

January News 2023

Start the school year with a high performing computer and accessories.  You can go from education to recreation with ease.

The Lenovo thinkbook 13s 13.3" is very light weight with intel i5 8gb Ram and 256 SSD, Windows 10 Pro - Windows 11 ready.

For exceptional sound the Logitech Headset H340 has crystal-clear digital sound.  Your internet calls, music and videos will sound better than they ever have.  Noise cancelling, flexible microphone and lightweight comfort design.



Look after your laptop and school items with Everki Topload Backpack.  Water and dust Proof which gives you the confidence, your school gear is well protected.


December News 2022

December is the Time for Celebration

We wish you a very Merry and Safe Xmas. 

Another Computer Store will be on Christmas Holidays Saturday 24th to Tuesday 27th December and Monday 2nd January 2023.  The Team wish you a very happy holiday.

Another Computer Store is proud to support Special Children's Christmas Party being held in Launceston and Hobart.  Great to have the parties back, putting smiles on the faces of children.



November News 2022

Scams Awareness Week 7th November to 11th November

Scammers are continually developing new ways to catch people out and we need to increase our vigilance in checking for those little clues that can alert us that something is a scam.

Learn Ways To Identify Scams

  • This is about when it will happen so make sure you are prepared
  • Take the time to check whether an offer or contact is genuine before you act on it
  • Store your passwords and account details in a safe palace
  • Have a good backup of your data
  • A robust antivirus is great for protecting you from online potential threats
  • Never pass on money to anyone you cannot confirm

Scammers are real people who are paid to take money from others. They present themselves in a very professional manner so that you are entrapped into believing they are providing a legitimate service. Make sure you never let anyone remote into your computer unless you can confirm they are your IT professional. Banks, IT/Phone services and Microsoft will never call you first. If you have made a call, ask for a reference number if you expect a return call. The job must be initiated by you first. If you have an unusual call, hang up and call Another Computer Store as we will give you advice on what to do and what not to do. When you have accidentally let a scammer have remote access to your computer - in most instances we can recover your data and clean up your PC.


October News 2022

Game On

Step into the world of make believe with your own gaming PC

  • Enjoy gaming with your friends
  • Stay connected
  • Great for reflexes, problem solving and so much fun

Build your own PC in our workshop with your Technician

It maybe your first time for gaming or you might be looking to upgrade your current PC.  We can help with the selection of Computer Components for your own customised Computer.

Cases, PSUs, Graphic Cards, Motherboards, RAM, SSDs, Coolers and CPUs now available.


September News 2022

Would you like more time to focus on your customers?

Frustrated with trying to set up IT for your Business?
Is it causing delays in doing what you want to do?
Are you wasting time trying to set up your IT for your Office and Home?

 Small Business IT is our Speciality and you can have

  • Supply and install of Computers, Printers, Software and Mobile Devices
  • Onsite SetupOnsite Setup
  • Internet/VoipInternet/Voip
  • Fully Managed Backups & Managed Antivirus Fully Managed Backups & Managed Antivirus
  • Domain Hosting, including registering of .au


August News 2022

Time for a Computer Health Check

When was the last time your computer had a service?

Like many modern machines, computers need regular checks and maintenance, to keep them running in top condition.

How often does your computer need a health check?

For regular users, it is recommended every 6 months.
For less frequent users a yearly service is recommended. Health checks are a great way to make sure that your computer stays healthy and safe.
Our health checks include

  • Check of the Windows Oeprating System
  • Memory, Hard Drive and Poser
  • Internal clean
  • Antivirus
  • Programs
  • Backups
  • Virus and Spyware scans

If you notice your computer is slowing down, crashing, not responding, freezing or making unusual noise or sound, please contact us to arrange a health check to minimise potential damage.




July News 2022

Need to access your data or move from and an Old PC to New,

then we can help.

Data Recovery & Data Transfer

When you hear the unusual clicking sound from your hard drive and you are unable to see your photos or documents, it is usually the first sign of a failing hard drive. In most cases data recovery and transfer to a new computer or an external hard drive is successful. We have data recovery tools which can work for computers, external hard drives, USB drives and SD cards.

Planning on moving from old to new computer then we have your covered with our ACS care packs.

ACS Silver Care Pack

  • System Configuration and Compliance check
  • Installation of the latest Security Updates and Service Packs
  • Installation of common programs such as Adobe Reader, Chrome
  • Removal of Bloatware and Trials
  • Serial Number Recording
  • 30 day Unconditional Exchange Period
  • Batteries Charged
  • Sound Tested
  • Network Tested – Ethernet/Wireless
  • Activation and Registration of the OS
  • Remote Access Enabled
  • Secure Sites Tested
ACS Gold Care Pack
  • Includes all of the Silver Care Pack
  • Data Transfer from Old device to New Device
  • Installation of Software purchased from ACS such Microsoft office and Antivirus
  • Set up of Emails
  • Set up of Web Browsers, Bookmarks & Favourite

Contact us for more information. 



May News 2022

 Thursday 5th May is World Password Day

It is a reminder to change your passwords to protect your identity.
Take the World Password Day Pledge and share these tips.
Use a password that is Long and Strong
Use a combination of letters, numbers & symbols
Use uppercase and lowercase letters
Don't use expected words e.g. pet's name, street address, spouse's name
Change passwords every 3-6 month


Annual Truck Run Sunday 13th March Longford Show Grounds Supporting the Flying Doctor Service

December is the Season to Celebrate

The Ultimate Gaming Build Experience

If you, your children or grandchildren are interested in gaming, then we have just the thing for you. Have fun with a hands on experience, by choosing your PC components and then build it in Another Computer Store's workshop with your own technician.  A perfect gift for all seasons.






Key Scam Statistics (how bad is it and who is being targeted)?
Scams cost Australian consumers, businesses and the economy hundreds of millions of dollars each year and cause serious emotional harm to victims and their families.

Key trends
  • There has been a 95.4% increase in losses since this time last year.
  • Scamwatch has received record levels of phishing scams reports in 2021.

Common scam types being reported in 2021 include:

  • Flubot scams manifest as victims receiving a text message claiming that they have a missed call,and providing a link to click to listen to the voicemail. If the victim clicks the link, the malware will be downloaded to their device and sent on to all their contacts.
  • Remote access scams, scammers pretend to be from well-known organisations such as Telstra, eBay, NBN Co, Amazon, banks or computer and IT support organisations and create a sense of urgency to make you give them access to your computer.We have also recently seen pop-ups being used, claiming to be from Microsoft or other tech companies, telling the user there is a problem with their computer and to click on the pop up ‘to receive assistance’.
  • Investment scams, losses to cryptocurrency scams are the highest of all
    types of investment scams.  The scammer pressures the person to invest more over time before claiming the money is gone or ceasing communicatio and blocking access to the funds.
  • Threats, scammers claim to be from the government or law enforcement and claim there are issues with a person’s tax file number and/or bank accounts, or that they have intercepted a package addressed to the person linking them to criminal activity. Threats to life, arrest or other threats are then used to extract money from the victim.

Why Is It Important To Talk About Scams?
Many people who experience a scam never report it to anyone.  This year’s campaign focuses on encouraging everyone to have conversations about scams, as this not only helps to reduce stigma around the topic but can prevent scams from happening in the first place, or help people get out of a scam sooner. Every individual can help prevent and disrupt scams by starting the conversation with their friends, family, loved ones, and colleagues or even with strangers.

Protect Yourself

  • Be alert to the fact that scams exist.
  • When dealing with uninvited contacts from people or businesses, whether it's over the phone, by mail, email, in person or on a social networking site, always consider the possibility that the approach may be a scam.
  • If a message or email comes from a friend and it seems unusual or out of character for them, contact your friend directly to check that it was really from them.
  • Do not open suspicious texts, pop-up windows or click on links or attachments in emails – delete them: If unsure, verify the identity of the contact through an independent source such as a phone book or online search. Don't use the contact details provided in the message sent to you.
  • Don't respond to phone calls about your computer asking for remote access – hang up.
  • Keep your personal details secure.
  • Keep your passwords and pin numbers in a safe place.
  • Be very careful about how much personal information you share on social media sites.
  • Protect your WiFi network with a password and avoid using public computers or WiFi hotspots to access online banking or provide personal information.
  • Don’t use the same password for every account/profile and don’t share your passwords with anyone.
  • Review your privacy and security settings on social media.
  • Be wary of unusual payment requests. Scammers will often ask you to use an unusual payment method, including preloaded debit cards, gift cards, iTunes cards or virtual currency such as Bitcoin.
 Educate Yourself About Scams
  • If you are unsure visit the Scamwatch website for more information about scams.
  • Should you believe you have been scammed report it immediately and do not hesitate to reach out for help.

Make Sure Your Computer is Safe

We have a fully supported BUSINESS GRADE Antivirus Solution for all customers.


It is a Managed Antivirus which reports directly to a central dashboard, allowing our Another Computer Store Team to pro-actively manage potential threats to proactively manage potential threats.

It looks for suspicious behaviour such as encrypting files or scanning of credit card numbers and provides Identity Theft Protection from phishing sites.

Installation, Managing and Renewing are covered by First Assist and we can offer guaranteed support if your computer becomes infected, that we will remove the virus and repair any damage at no cost. Available as a monthly or yearly subscription.

Unsure if your computer is safe, book it in for a health check.



September News 2021

All Devices Need a Service


    To Increase Speed, Efficiency and Performance
    To Remove Unwanted Viruses & Malware
    To Ensure the Hard Drive is working to Optimum Speed
    To Check Memory Performance
    Ensure the latest version of the Operating System is up to date
    There is no cost to diagnose your device so make your booking today
    Depending on the Diagnosis We Can
    • Upgrade the Hard Drive to a Solid State
    • Increase the RAM
    • Install latest versions of Software
    • Move to Microsoft 365
    • Complete Operating System Updates
    Did You Know?
    Support for Office 2007 & 2010 has ended and there will be no extended security updates. You could expose yourself to serious and potentially harmful security risks.
    Office which includes outlook for email, word and excel has moved to Microsoft 365.

    When you move to Microsoft 365 you will have access to all your favourite apps which help you stay connected with work, family, and friends. You are able to work seamlessly on multiple devices with access to files and programs. Secure cloud storage and automatic upgrades are also some of the benefits.

    There will be a free upgrade rolled out on a staggered approach for devices which are Windows 11 ready.
    The minimum specifications required for Windows 11 ready are; Intel CPU 8th Gen or AMD Zen 2, 4GB Memory, 64GB of Storage.
    Visit us and we can check your PC to see if it meets the specs.

     Other Services from Another IT Group

    • Remote and Onsite Servicing
    • Individual Tailored Tutorials
    • Managed Services
    • Device Repairs including Mobile Phones
    • Sales of Computers, Monitors, Printers and Phones
    • Custom Gaming Builds


    What's new August 2021

    Windows 11 is On Its Way

    New to Windows
    • Maximise your productivity with access to all your apps and multi task with tools such as Snap layouts
    • Discover new ways to connect with Microsoft Teams - call and chat for free
    • Content created by you - quickly stay up to date with news, information and entertainment
    • Playtime Anytime with a new level of graphic capabilities

    Your device maybe Windows ready. Minimum specifications are;
    Intel CPU 8th Gen or AMD Zen 2, 4GB Memory,64GB of Storage.
    Have your computer/device checked by our team to see if it is Windows 11 ready

    The New Dynabook (Toshiba) is a device which is Windows 11 ready.
    If it is time to upgrade to a new notebook then the Dynabook which is Windows 11 compatable, is the PC for you.
    You can purchase Dynabook with confidence, knowing that Another Computer Store is the Tasmanian Dynabook Service Centre.

    Things to do this month

    Time to book your PC in for it's annual service and health check
    This includes;

    • Check of the Windows Operating System
    • Memory, Hard Drive and Power Health Check
    • Internal Clean
    • Antivirus
    • Programs
    • Backups

    For more information, contact us or visit.



    Monday, 26th October 2020

    Letter from the Director

    For over 25 years Another Group Pty Ltd has been Trading as Another Computer Store.

    Since February this year Covid-19 has provided many challenges to most IT companies in the world including ours but, as the saying goes “Every challenge has a silver lining”.

    The silver lining for us has been the need to streamline what we do and how we communicate it.

    As a result, the parent company Another Group Pty Ltd will now trade as Another IT Group.

    There will be no change in the bank account details. We will continue to use the purchasing power that being a part of the national Leading Edge Group gives us and 164 Bathurst Street will continue to be the operations center for the company.

    There will now be 4 divisions operating under Another IT Group.

    Another Computer Store The provider of parts and service to our retail and business clients delivered through the showroom and workshop that you are all familiar with.

    First Assist This division will continue providing managed services to our enrolled business clients.

    Cloud Solutions Tasmania will be responsible for providing the best in cloud-based business software. Secure, world class solutions that can be relied upon to allow you to do what you need to do whenever you need to do it, without interruptions.

    Smarter Networking Solutions will supply, and project manage the installation of surveillance products, VoIP software and hardware and wireless products that suit both short and long-range networks wherever you need them.
    I would like to acknowledge the hard work that every member of our team has put into developing this important step in our business growth.

    I would especially like to thank all our clients for your loyalty over the many years that you have depended on us to be your trusted IT supplier.

    Kind Regards,

    Leesa Austin & Geoff Daw
    Another Group Pty Ltd


    Monday, 17th August 2020

    Monday, 6th July 2020

    Ask Us...We're Your Local Experts

    Another Computer Store are your local experts when it comes to the important things, and we can offer exactly that. Contact us for more information.


    Protection for your PC  Set-up your connected home                                          Support you while you network



    Assist you in choosing a new computer  Attend to your service and repair needs.     Help you improve your productivity


    Monday 22nd June 2020

    First Responders Day

    To say thank you to Australia’s First Responders for their hard work keeping us safe during the COVID-19 crisis, we’re supporting Australian Retailers Association #FirstRespondersDay by making you our number one priority for any service sales.



    Monday, 30th March 2020

    Protecting You, Protecting Us - Business for the Future


    Another Computer Store continues to provide essential Communication and IT Services.  We are open for Business and continue to follow the recommended guidelines of social distancing.


    Stay at home and connect with your family, friends, school and customers. We can:

    • Offer you Remote Support where you share your computer with your technician.
    • Have your Microsoft Office and Antivirus renewed.
    • Connect your computer to your printer via WIFI.
    • Set up of video conferencing with Skype, Teams or Zoom.
    • Help with your Office, Email and other Computer Programs.


    When you visit, Social Distancing of 1.5 meters has been clearly marked in our showroom to protect you and us. Alcohol based hand sanitisers are available on service counters and showroom reception desks. Your computer and equipment will be sanitised at the start and finish of the job. Pickup and Delivery service can be arranged and you can make an appointment, prior to visiting the store.

     Keep safe and well.


    Saturday, 22nd February 2020


    Join us this Saturday 22nd February 2020 from 10am to 12pm for our E-Waste Event.
    If you have old equipment which you no longer use then visit us and use our Free Recycling "Dropzone" at 164 Bathurst Street, Launceston.
    Items will be recycled as part of the national MRI program to avoid E-Waste going to landfill.
    We are accepting these Items only.

    *Computers *LCD Monitors

    *Laptops *Tablets

    *Servers *Mobile Phones

    *Land line Phone *Hubs

    *Switches *Cables *Modems

    *TV’s Flat Panel (excludes CRTs)

    *Mice *Keyboards

    *Network *Devices *Network Cables

    We hope to see you on Saturday!



    November 2019



    May 2019

    Recently Another Computer Store has provided the technology to extend wireless for long distances.  Installs have been completed for Business and Homes.




    December 2018

    Scamwatch is warning people to be careful about being caught out by holiday season scams.

    Here are three common holiday season scams people should look out for:

    • Online shopping scams: scammers will set up fake online stores or post goods for sale in buy‑swap-sell groups or online classified sites to trick people into buying items that don’t exist.
    • Travel scams: scammers trick people into believing they’ve won a holiday or scored a really good deal on a travel package, like a cruise.
    • Parcel delivery scams: scammers may ask you to print off a label, do a survey, claim a prize, or view the status of your delivery by clicking on a link or downloading an attachment. Some scammers may even call or text with claims about an unsuccessful delivery. These scams are aimed at getting people to download malware onto their computer, or give up their personal information.

    Scamwatch has also seen a massive influx of reports and money lost to tax scams.

    This is an unusual holiday season scam.  A lot of people are getting calls from scammers pretending to be from the tax office or the police and threatening them with arrest over unpaid tax debts.  If you every receive a call or email containing threats, hang up the phone or delete the email.

    The key to avoiding a scammer's con this holiday is to use scepticism and do some research.

    Ms Rickard added that the key to avoiding a scammer’s con these holidays is a healthy dose of scepticism and research.

    “We love snagging a great deal online for a loved one’s Christmas present and the idea of a bargain holiday is perfect for many after a long year. But don’t fall for it,” Ms Rickard said.

    “Be sceptical about an online store you haven’t used before. Do some research to see if they’re legitimate and don’t be fooled by big discounts. With travel deals, call the accommodation provider directly, for example the cruise line or hotel, to check if the deal is legitimate.”

    “If you see a seemingly great deal on an accommodation rental website like Airbnb, make sure you only communicate and pay through the official site to avoid getting stung by a fake listing,” Ms Rickard said.

    “We’re all expecting parcels this time of year but be careful about online links and never download attachments. If you’re wondering if a delivery notice is legitimate, check the tracking number at the Australia Post or other delivery company website, or call them directly using a number you find from an online search or the phone book.”

    “While with friends and family over the holidays, consider taking the opportunity to spread the warnings about these scams particularly to those loved ones who may be vulnerable.” Ms Rickard said.


    Thursday 15th November 2018

    Another Computer Store is thrilled to announce zippay is here.

    The smarter way to pay for what you want today.  Own what you want. Pay how you like.

    Interest free, nothing to pay upfront, flexible repayments



    Wednesday 17th October 2018


    Don't Gift a scammer iTunes Card



    Monday 24th September 2018

    Scammers are very cleaver and they only want your money.  The ACCC is warning people to be on the lookout for scammers who are trying to con people into paying for scams with Apple iTune Gift Cards.

    These scammers call you and pretend you have computer viruses or problems which they can fix.  They ask you to go to a local store to purchase these gift cards, while they have you on the phone.  They pretend this is the payment they need so they can fix your problems.  Once the cards have been activated they ask for the serial number, which they use to sell.

    What to do: Hang up on the scammer and delete any emails. 

    If you have been scammed, contact us and we will check your computer to ensure the scammers haven't left anything more malicious behind.


    Another Computer Store receives “Business of the Year 2017 Award


    Tuesday 2nd May 2017

    Back in 2006, a thriving, growing business in the back blocks of South Launceston took the bold next step to join an Australia-Wide buying group. Another Computer Store has never looked back from partnering with the Leading Edge Computer Group.

    Always growing and changing within the volatile IT Industry, it became evident that ACS needed to expand into a larger workshop and space.  Business man and entrepreneur Geoff Daw sought new, high profile premises and after years of searching – looked at the then AE Jack premises on the corner of Bathurst and Frederick Streets.

    He took all his staff through the working steel foundry and enthusiastically shared his vision for a new Another Computer Store to be born.

    In November 2015, the move was complete and the difference was instant. New, highly visible and with a determined, talented team, the computer sales and service giant has surpassed all expectations.

    Commitment to clients and detail has paid off with the ultimate award being presented to the store at the Leading Edge Computer Conference held on the Gold Coast last weekend. Competing against 132 stores nation wide, the “Business of the Year 2017” award is highly esteemed and was received with honor and pride by Geoff Daw, Leesa Austin and Toby Martin.

    A Launceston Business with its heart set on providing amazing service has been recognised within its own industry by a Leading and respected organization.